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Multi-Use - The mop handle is perfect for commercial,industrial and household floor cleaning jobs, can be used to clean tile floors, marble floors, concrete floors and wood floors.

Compatible Handle - With adjustable thumb wheel enables stress-free,tight and secure clamp down,fit most headband mop heads,ideal for use with string, looped and other mop head replacement.

Easy Remove and Replace - Convenient invader side gate allows quick and easy replacement of mop heads.(Tips: This product does not include the fabric mop head part.)

Durable and Comfortable - Premium stainless steel handle with 9mm extra thick tube makes this commercial mop handle stronger than fiberglass and wooden handles, foam handle design makes cleaning more comfortable.

More Labor Saving & Efficient - 60 inch long handle is a more ideal length for adult of average and tall height,no more bending over while cleaning your floor,do more with less effort.

Commercial Mop handles with Iron Mopping Tube

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