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We offer ship-owners, managers, operators, agents and ship management companies with a full range of technical supply items.

We supply the following technical items:

- Marine lubricants for engine,compressor, hydraulic, cylinder, etc.)

- Marine Chemicals and additives.

- Marine Paints.

- Medical Stores, Deck Stores, Safety Stores.

- Safety/Rescue (liferafts, life jackets, buoys, suits, protective equipment).

- Wire and mooring ropes.

- Control systems (temperature switch/sensor, transducers, pressure switch).

- Valves (butterfly, globe, gate, ball, safety, self-closing, etc.)

- Pumps (centrifugal, fresh water, fire, sanitary water, etc.)

- Hoses (hydraulic, industrial, suction, chemicals, bunkers, oil, water, fire).

- Filters (air, oil, fuel, candles, duplex, bag, cartridges, hydraulic).

- Charts and publications.

Whale Maritime is member of the leading association for marine purchasing and supply professionals, IMPA.

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